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  • Hammock Installation Tips

    Guidelines for Hammock Safety Hammock installation is an important first step to enjoying your new hammock. As a general rule, we feel a tree should be a minimum of 12" in diameter if being used to hang hammock. If using a post, 4"X 4" posts are the smallest size you should consider using. Be sure the posts are in good condition, without cracks or rot. Trees and posts both should be hardwood, not soft, and whatever posts you buy should be treated lumber, or a type of wood resistant to rot, from exposure to moisture. Posts should be planted in the ground a minimum of 2', deeper if the soil is sandy. Dig the hole, place the post in the center of the hole, fill with cement, and let it dry for a few days before use. Distance. For hammocks with spreader bars, the minimum distance requirement for hanging a hammock is equal to the overall length of the hammock. If your hammock is 13' from hanging point to hanging point, then 13' is the minimum distance required for hanging your hammock. It is best to use a hanging distance that is 1' longer than the length of your hammock (excluding chains and ropes used for increasing hanging distance). If your hammock is 13'L, the optimal distance between hanging points is 14'. Hammocks should be taught and seem difficult to lie in when first hung, but will stretch to normal size once you begin laying. It may be necessary adjust chains to the desired height once your hammock begins to take shape. [View Details]
  • How to Choose the Height and Hanging Distance for your Hammock?

    How to Choose the Height and Hanging Distance for your Hammock Hammocks with Spreader Bars: If you are hanging a hammock designed with spreader bars, the recommended height off the ground is 4-5'. The minimum distance that is required for hanging a hammock with spreader bars is equal to the overall length of the hammock. If your hammock is 13' from hanging point to hanging point, then a minimum spacing of 13' is needed. If you need to hang your hammock farther apart than this, you can use either rope or chain to extend your hanging points. We recommend extending the hanging points in equal lengths on both ends of the hammock, and extending the hanging points no farther than an additional 18" on each end for a total of an additional 3'. If you choose to add more than 3' of length, the tipping factor increases significantly. [View Details]
  • How to Hang a Hammock?

    Where to Hang a Hammock - It's all about Location Most people tend to think Hammocks can only be hung between two trees, but there are many other hanging options and types of stands for hammocks. There is such a huge variety of hammocks available in today's market, you are sure to find the hammock you dream of for any occasion or location you have in mind. We offer Hammock Hanging Hardware to allow you to hang your hammock from the ceiling, wall, or on a porch. Always be sure that the place you want to hang your hammock will support the weight capacity of the hammock. [View Details]
  • How to Choose your Hammock?

    Everyone can agree that the end result of choosing a Hammock is extreme relaxation and blissful comfort. Choosing the best hammock for your needs and locations helps get you to that relaxing state faster, and keeps you there longer. We find that often shoppers do not realize that hammocks are designed differently for much more than appearance - the very construction of a hammock is based on the intended use. For instance, quilted hammocks are great for people in cooler climates, or wishing to relax outdoors through autumn and early spring, but if you try and use a quilted hammock during a Georgia summer you will be hot and uncomfortable! Likewise, if you attempt to use a rope hammock during Labor Day in north Montana, you will be cold and stiff. [View Details]
  • How do I clean my hammock?

    * Cotton Rope - Soak the hammock in mild soapy water and hang to dry or lay on a flat surface. Keep the spreader bars out of the water as much as possible. [View Details]