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How to Hang a Hammock?
2011-10-12 17:24:01
Where to Hang a Hammock - It's all about Location
Most people tend to think Hammocks can only be hung between two trees, but there are many other hanging options and types of stands for hammocks. There is such a huge variety of hammocks available in today's market, you are sure to find the hammock you dream of for any occasion or location you have in mind. We offer Hammock Hanging Hardware to allow you to hang your hammock from the ceiling, wall, or on a porch. Always be sure that the place you want to hang your hammock will support the weight capacity of the hammock.
Decide what you want from your hammock. Do you dream of sleeping away a summer afternoon, or catching a breeze in the evening? Do you have an avid reader in the family who can spend all day in a rope hammock, but can't handle glare from the sun, or do you want to work on a golden tan in the afternoons? Hammock stands can allow you to move your hammock in and out of the sun as needed, or perhaps you already have an ideal location between trees or hanging from a deck.
Trees are great candidates as posts for hanging Hammocks but there are a good number of alternatives. There are many types of Hammock Stands for traditional hammocks with spreader bars and for hammocks without spreader bars. There are also Hanging Tools to allow hammocks to hang from the ceiling, wall, on a porch, or virtually anywhere you would like one, as long as the place you want to hang it will support the weight capacity of the hammock. Below is a list we compiled of ideal hammock hanging surfaces:
1.Tree and Post in concrete footing
2.Tree and Building
3.Two Posts in concrete footing
4.Building and Post in concrete footing
5.Two Buildings
6.On Porches and Decks (permanent structures only)
7.Factory-built Stands
8.Tree to Tree

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